Monday, April 18, 2011

all is going well..

Saw my doc this mornng ...and everything is going along very well.
I have had huge improvements over this time last year ..yayy.

The latest results on my labs said so many things have improved including my liver !!

I am going to continue on the same medication regime, yes , that means the chemo too. but he asked how I am handing it and honestly I think I am doing pretty good with it he said great lets keep at it .

The blood pressure continues to be way too high and with the result increase in the meds for that we do hope it will improve soon too.

But over all the visit was very positive and I have a good outlook over all.
And tomorrow is my birthday ...good news is always nice for your birthday. :)

Friday, April 15, 2011


been gone for months and months.
life got very hard.
it still is actually but I thought it was time to at least acknowledge my page here.
I go to see my rheumy again next week .havent been for over 4 months now.
I think he will see some improvements so not sure if that means meds get adjusted or if we just keep doing what we are doing. time will tell.