Sunday, September 26, 2010

Just another ordinary day..........

Didn't sleep very well last night but that is okay as my days are not filled with much anyway. So getting some rest will not be a problem.

Got through the usual morning routine, take a pill, have some tea, then breakfast and 4 more pills, shower and dress.

I have noticed the last week or so my hair is again starting to fall out. This is quite common for people with lupus and it can be caused from the lupus itself or from the medications we take to control the lupus , now how does this seem fair? It is a good thing I have never been one to really worry about how I look to others. I am how I am and if I end up being me with no hair at all , oh well then bald it is.

I have a very round head though so it could be quite the sight. I don't let it get me worked up though , as what would that do , probably just make me stressed and cause more hair to fall out.

In all honesty I am more worried about the amount going down the shower drain and possibly clogging it and causing a plumbing bill than being bald. :)

It's a rather chilly , drizzly morning here ( well actually almost noon) ha. It does take me a while to get through the things that most people can get through in a fraction of the time. Most days it is noon by the time I am up , showered and dressed.

It is my new normal since being diagnosed and recouperating from my last flare.

Oh and what a doozy it was , it started a year ago March with joint pain, mouth sores, and then excalated to paralysis of my right arm and hand as well as difficulty swallowing, shoulder pain beyond imagination, muslc weakness , brain fog and then it escalated once more almost a year exactly from when it first started that next March I went to sleep at night. With the usual pain, etc..and then I woke up at about 3 am in the worst pain of my life and I am not exagerating.

I know pain, I gave birth two times one 9lbs 2 oz and one 8lbs.10 oz..and but this .this that I woke up to ..oh man was it pain ..every single muslce in my body was screaming, I was paralysed in pain. I had tears streaming down my face and the only words I could say was every thing hurts ,,everything hurts..I just kept saying it over and over, I could not turn my head I could barely swallow. My husband tried to help me out of bed it was excruciating. I thought omg this is it my life is over I will end up in a hospital or in a wheelchair the rest of my life.

My husband then had to dress me, through my tears and screams as each tiny movement sent me over the edge in pain. Some how we made it to the car and to a doctors , ( as both my gp and my rheumy were coincidentally unavailable that day ) I just saw a doctor in a clinic who was kidn enough to prescribe some tramadol. It was't until I had taken a few doses over 6-8 hours before I felt some relief but I was in bed the next two days before I could see my rheumy.

He prescribed me prednisone ( and man does it help) and he gave me cortisone injections in both my shoulders as well. I stayed on the tramadol also for about 3 more days.
So I was pretty drugged up through the worst of it.

It is all thankfully all behind me for now. And not one day goes by I do not think about it and remind myself that no matter how hard today is, it is not as bad as last March.

It helps me to keep my life in perspective and to keep moving forward in getting my illness under control. I know I will never be "normal" and there will always be something , that is the nature of the disease. It is called the disease of 1000 faces for a reason. Sometimes what it is doing is obvious and easy to try to manage and other times it is lurking beneath the surface attacking the heart, the liver , the lungs, the kidneys. Not so easy to spot and really hard to manage..

I try to eat healthy, rest and even get some exercise in. Basically walking my small dog around the block a couple times a day.

Which is what I think I will go and do now. So have a good day.

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