Monday, September 27, 2010

a step in the right direction...............................

Today I am looking into getting a walker. I know right now I am doing very well with my walking. I am able to get around the block the last week or so without it taking forever or having to stop. But I know I can't count on it always being this way.

As I mentioned earlier, this past March I was thrown into a huge flare that affected pretty much every muscle in my body. And left me for weeks struggling to walk. I was unable to do more than get from the bed to the bathroom for the first few days until the medications started to kick in and help.

Then I could get around the house but it took all my will power to do it. Then I gradually worked up to heading outside and the gazebo to sit.

Eventually I started to venture farther and farther and it was like I was this 80 year old woman taking baby steps down the street. I would be so tired I would stop to sit down anywhere.

It was like walking in water up to my neck the resistance was exhausting.

Now I hope, oh man do I hope that I never have that again but I need to be realistic and prepared. I had no signs that it was about to happen. I went to sleep that night feeling nothing more than a bit more tired than usual and whammo !! the next day my life was completely different.

So, I am a member of a great recycling group called freecycle. They are all over canada and the's for people to post offers and wanteds for items they wish to let go of or find. In order mostly to keep them from going to the landfill but also for them to be useful to others.

Well, I have thought a lot about a walker and then yesterday I read an offer on the site for one and the person offering does not live far away. So I sent a reply telling a bit about my reason for interest and if it was still available.

It is always up to the "gifter" to choose who ever they wish to give their items to etc. and always up to the "receiver" to pick up.

Well, I got a reply today that it is still available and that he would love me to come see it today. So as long as it looks like its a good size for me I will likely bring it home. Just being able to hold onto something when I am like that is all that really matters.

So I will head out later today after hubby gets home with the car and hopefully bring it home.

Like I said I really hope I never need it again, but it would be silly of me not to be prepared it is there for if I need it.

The price is right it is from freecycle it is money ever is exchanged..and I was also thinking my mom is older and had back surgery last month. If she ever needed it I can always lend it to her too.

I think for me, learning as much as I can about my illness and learning what may or may not happen and at least understanding and accepting that things can happen is a step in the right direction.


karatemom said...

message to Leslie if you come here..
you must have changed some settings on your page as I am totally unable to leave a comment..and not even on the original post that I commented on. Can you check your settings and let me know ..thanks.
p.s. I see you took my pic . ha

Sarah Jane said...

That's the strangest thing about Lupus, for me anyway, is to have your health change so drastically so quickly. I'm glad for you that you found a walker for just in case. Freecycle sounds pretty cool.

karatemom said...

Yes , it is the strangest part and I think it is truly the hardest part , at least for me , because I have now seen first hand how drastically it can change literally over night.

Some nights I am afraid to close my eyes to sleep just because I worry ..but I know that I shouldn't do that either .

I have mixed emotions about the walker but over all my feelings are good , just because it's here doesn't mean I have to use it..but it's here if I HAVE to use it :)

Attila The Mom said...

Aw Honey, sorry to read about your health issues. I'll be thinking about you!

karatemom said...

hey there Attila ..thanks for poppin over...
I read back a lot of your life and you have been through a ton in the last year too.
Life sure is hard eh ? !
good to see you :))