Saturday, October 2, 2010


I haven't been able to blog the last few days. I have had just way too much happening and just did not have the time sorry .

I will try to fill you in on what the last week has been like.

I broke a tooth about 2 weeks back. It did not hurt or anything, just half of it was gone and what was left was filling and some tooth. I had planned to leave it be until after october when finances would be in a bit better shape.

Unfortunately last tuesday it decided to cause unimaginable pain and I suffered the entire day and night with no relief. So Wednesday I went to the dentist to have them take a look.

He told me it was in fact infected and because so much of the tooth had broken off it would need to be extracted. The problem was the infection they cannot pull the tooth like that need to clear up the infection first. Should be easy enough one would think. But no, enter here..a person with lupus on not one but 2 strong immunosuppressents as well as many other medications..and a person who is deathly allergic to penicilan .

So he gave me the prescription for a very strong anti biotic given to people with dental issues who cannot take penicilan and off I went.

Should have ended there .......but nope not for me...............

Wednesday night I woke in the night feeling very ill and would head to the bathroom feeling I would be sick to my stomach..I was dizzy at times, I was also having bouts of high temperatures.. this happened a few times and then the one time I still am not sure if I just slumped to the floor from exhaustion or if i passed out but when I woke my face was all numb..

My cheek, jaw, chin and lips ..but only on the left side of my face and of course I still had the excruciating pain from the tooth. I was now wondering had I maybe had a stroke???

Fearing this I woke my hubby and we went to the hospital.

At the hospital they evaluated my condition, also suspecting a possible stroke they did many tests first to determine if this was the case. Thankfully no..they think the numbness is being caused by the infection pressing on a nerve in my jaw.

So many blood tests later and gravol for nausea and Iv of fluids to rehydrate me...they got the results for my blood work showing some concern of my kidney function, which I need to follow up with my other doctors, as well as low potassium levels and very high white blood count obv . from the infection.

The course of action was to start my anti-biotics by IV and hopefully it would be easier on my already compromised system due to the lupus. And to come back on Saturday for re-evaluation.

So, off I went , to the clinic where they set you up with an IV pump that you stay hooked up to with needle in arm and other end attached to this little pump that feeds me the meds over a 24 hour period ..and then go back to the clinic every 24 hours to reload.

Saturday, today , I went back to be re-evaluated..I still have the numbness in my face but the pain has settled some.

It was again decided that the best course of action is to continue with the meds in IV form at home for the next few days and return to the hospital again next tuesday. Hopefully the tooth extraction will then take place next wednesday at the dentist office as planned.

its been a very tiring very draining week. But I am hopefully this will be over soon.

Thanks for checking in on me , always appreiciated.

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