Friday, October 8, 2010

on the mend ....or so I hope :)

Quick update here...

Went back to hospital on Tuesday am and was able to get the IV antibiotics out of my arm although I need to continue them until saturday in pill form.

Went Wednesday as planned to have the broken tooth extracted..and I am happy to report that sucker came out and I had no complications ( insert very happy face here).

Went to my family doc to follow up on some possible kidney issues and discovered the biggest concern was just my very low potassium levels..which doc feels a banana a day and an orange should take care of blood tests will be done later today to get a new reading and then again in 2 weeks..if the bananas and oranges do the trick I am good to go ..if not they will be adding potassium pills to my already huge list of pills this we do not want..

Other than that I am looking forward to a ton of rest this weekend. It is thanks giving weekend here in Canada. We don't have really much planned but we will see a few people over the weekend but the biggest plan is to rest. :)

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